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It is our great pleasure and honor that you chose us for your Adriatic cruise organizer.
As a promoter of Croatian nautical tourism, we present our ships and together with our crews do the best to satisfy your needs and comply your wishes. Please read our business terms and conditions.

1. General provisions

These General Conditions on Travel are an integral part of the Contract, i.e. the invoice that has the power of a Contract (and the voucher as the final document enclosed by the agency to the traveller), for the cruise arrangement concluded between:

OIB: 31833383540

Lion Queen Charter - travel agency

Poljička cesta 9 - Sumpetar
21 315 Dugi Rat
Dalmatia - CROATIA (hereinafter: the Agency)


the contractor of the travel (hereinafter: the Traveller) who signs up for a tourist arrangement.

All data and the conditions in the programme and in these General Conditions are binding both for the Agency and the Traveller.

2. Offer content

The Agency ensures the cruise service according to the published information, the description and the time frame pursuant to the confirmed booking, except in cases of force majeure.

3. Booking and payment

Inquiries and bookings of the cruise can be received electronically, in writing or in person at the Agency offices, as well as at agencies that are contractual partners of the Agency.
When booking, the Traveller confirms that he/she is aware of these General Conditions of the LQC arrangement and the cruise services that he/she has carefully read, and he/she fully accepts them. In this manner, all that is stated in these General Conditions becomes a legal obligation both for the Traveller and the Agency.
When booking, the Traveller is obliged to provide all the data required by the booking process.
For the booking of the cruise, the Traveller is obliged to abide by the following payment plan determined by the Agency:

1st instalment in the amount of 50% of the total price of the arrangement is paid within 7 days after having received the invoice
2nd instalment in the amount of 50% of the total price of the arrangement is paid 45 days before the beginning date of the arrangement at the latest

If the Traveller does not pay the agreed advance and/or the rest of the amount in the stipulated time frame, after a reminder and the expiration of the time stipulated for payment, the Agency may terminate the service and charge the Traveller with termination expenses according to Item 8.

The booking procedure for the Traveller

            •A written confirmation of the arrangement booking (e-mail, fax, regular mail)
            •Payment of the first instalment upon the delivered LQC offer incl. client's personal data
            •CONTRACT – a written confirmation of the payment of the first instalment
            •VOUCHER - a written confirmation of the payment of the entire arrangement

4. Tourist tax

According to the current regulations of the Republic of Croatia, the price of the arrangement also includes on the invoice a visibly stated tourist tax that amounts to EUR 1.00 per day and person.

5. Cruise price

The cruise price includes the basic service as described for the individual route and time period to which the booking relates. Special services are those services that are not included in the cruise price (in the cruise description marked as "the arrangement price does not include" or additional services)
(notes – that can be achieved upon previous announcement) so that the Traveller has to pay them separately then and there to the service provider (shipper) if he/she uses them. Any special services need to be requested when booking; they must not represent an obligation for the Agency but will rather only be taken into consideration.
The cruise prices are published in euros.
If more people come to the booked cabin than was stated on the travelling documents (voucher), the service provider (shipper) is entitled to withhold the service to the unannounced travellers or to accept all the travellers with the unannounced travellers paying then and there.

6. Service description

The Agency is responsible for the description and data on the offered ships and cabins based on the insight into their actual condition when publishing. The information that the Traveller gets at other sales points are not binding for the agency more than the information published on the main web page www.lion-queen.com. All the published ships of the Agency fulfil the conditions of the Croatian Register of Shipping (HRB) and other legal regulations regarding their technical condition, i.e. safety equipment.
The service provider (shipper) is entitled to – in the interest of passenger safety – in case of force majeure such as a shipwreck or an engine failure, change the course of the travel, sail into the closest port and/or find a replacement ship for the passengers.

7. The Agency entitled to changes and termination

The Agency retains the right to change the reservation if unexpected circumstances that could not have been foreseen, avoided or removed occur (see Item 2). The booked cruise may be replaced only upon the previous notification to the Traveller by a cruise of the same or a higher category and at the price of the cruise at which the Traveller confirmed the booking.

8. The Traveller entitled to changes and booking cancellation

In case the Traveller wishes to change or cancel the booking made upon his/her request, the Traveller must do so in writing according to the termination conditions of the Agency.
If the Traveller does not come to the booked cruise at the agreed time of departure, and he/she did not inform the Agency or the service provider (shipper) of it, the booking is considered cancelled and the Traveller is not entitled to use any termination rights, i.e. he/she cannot be returned the paid in amount. If the Traveller who cancels the booking ensures a replacement user for the same booking, the new user of the booking takes upon himself/herself all the obligations from the General Conditions.
If the passenger does not use individual services offered to him/her during the cruise because he/she interrupted the journey or for some other unforeseeable reasons, he/she is not entitled to the return of the paid in amount.

In case of a cancellation of the cruise programme booking, the LQC Agency retains the right to keep the following amounts of the total cruise value:
- for the period from the date of issuing the invoice until the 46th day before the journey date, all the amounts paid in by then are retained
- for the period from the 45th day until the journey date, 100% of the total amount are retained

9. Obligations of the Agency

It is the obligation of the Agency to take care that the services are provided and to select the service provider (shipper), as well as to take care of the rights and interests of the Traveller according to good practices in tourism. The Agency will perform all the stated obligations entirely and in the described manner, except in extraordinary circumstances (Item 2), when it is proceeded as described in Item 7.

10. Obligations of the Traveller

The Traveller is obliged to:
- possess valid travel documents,
- respect the customs and foreign exchange regulations of the Republic of Croatia,
- abide by the house rules on the ship and cooperate with the service provider (shipper) in good intention,
- upon arrival to the destination, the Traveller shall provide the service provider (shipper) with the document on the paid service (voucher received by e-mail from the Agency),
- the Traveller is obliged to check whether he/she needs a visa to enter the country of destination or the neighbouring countries.
If the Traveller does not respect the above obligations, he/she needs to cover the costs and is responsible for the damage. By confirming the booking, the Traveller is obliged to, if he/she inflicts any damage, pay for the damage to the service provider (shipper) then and there.

11. Luggage

The Traveller is obliged to take care of all his/her possessions. The service provider (shipper) and the Agency are not responsible for the loss and/or damage or theft of the Traveller possessions or of the possession of third parties kept on the vessel, the operating vehicle or in the office of the Agency or the service provider (shipper). By paying the appropriate share of the booking amount, the Traveller confirms the booking and accepts these General Conditions and thus rejects all claims to a compensation for such losses and/or damage by the Agency or the service provider (shipper). Loss of property or theft are reported to the service provider (shipper) and the competent police station.

12. Resolving complaints

If the services from the offer have been provided in poor quality, the Traveller may request proportional damages, respecting the procedure of resolving complaints. Each Traveller is entitled to object due to non-provided yet paid services. Each Traveller – holder of a confirmed booking - makes a claim separately.

Procedure regarding the objection:
The Traveller is obliged to file in a written objection to the Agency within 8 days from the day of ending the journey. Objections filed in after this deadline will not be taken into consideration. We emphasise that it is in the interest of the Traveller to act in good intention and show willingness to resolve the complaint during the journey in a manner that the complaint be addressed to the service provider (shipper) then and there; the service provider (shipper) will make its statement and try to resolve the Traveller complaint in good intention. If the Traveller and the service provider (shipper) cannot resolve the Traveller complaint, he/she is obliged to immediately inform his/her agency representative stated on his/her voucher. The Agency representative will, after consulting the Traveller and the service provider, try to resolve the complaint problem in good intention so that it would not be repeated.
The Agency is obliged to make a written decision of the complaint within 21 days upon having received the complaint by the Traveller. The Agency will resolve only those complaints whose cause could not be removed during the cruise, i.e. that could not be resolved in good intention in a manner stated in the previous paragraph of this item. Until the Agency makes a decision, the Traveller relinquishes mediation by any other person, arbitration by the Association of Travel Agencies and the courts as well as giving information to newspapers.
The highest compensation upon the complaint can reach the amount of the claimed part of the service and cannot encompass the already used services or the entire price of the service.
The Agency may not be held accountable for any possible climatic conditions, purity and the temperature of the sea, the cleanliness of the beaches, noise, street works, condition of the facilities in the immediate vicinity and the crowds at the destinations as well as any other similar situations and events that may cause the Traveller dissatisfaction and are not directly influencing the quality of the booked cruise.

13. Insurance in case of payment impossibility or bankruptcy of the Agency

pdfDeposit insurance certificate & Liability insurance certificate

Pursuant to the Law on Tourism, in case it is impossible for the Agency to pay or that it goes bankrupt, the Traveller who finds himself on a cruise, as well as other persons who paid an advance for the journey, need to contact most urgently the Agency insurer,
Ante Vuković,
phone: +385 (0) 21 302 876
fax: +385 (0) 21 480 344
e-mail: ante.vukovic@crosig.hr

14. Court jurisdiction

The Traveller and the Agency will try to resolve any possible disputes arising from the application of this Contract amicably; otherwise, they will subject to the decision of the competent court in Split; applicable law is the law of the Republic of Croatia.

OIB: 31833383540

Lion Queen Charter - travel agency

Poljička cesta 9 - Sumpetar
21 315 Dugi Rat
Dalmatia - CROATIA (hereinafter: the Agency)

All the ships offered by LION QUEEN CHARTER
meet the regulations of the Croatian cruise ship registry and other legislation concerning their condition and their safety equipment.

In the interest of safety, in cases of force majeure, e.g., average or engine failure, routes may be changed, other vessels may be used or the nearest available port may be visited – this is pointed out as a precaution.

Possible warranty claims will not be taken into consideration.

Note that A/C is limited when there is no electrical access and the ship is forced to run the power on generators only till midnight (due to the noise generated by generators).

We  wish you wonderful and quality holidays with us!


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