15 Feb

Short cruise in Croatia (less than 7 days cruising)

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Lot of agencies will answer you that there is no problem to do a shorter cruise than a week but you will
still have to pay for whole week. So you may think that is not fair. As those inquiries became very often,
when people asks for short cruises, lot of agencies offer this option too.

So in one week you can do a 3 day or 4 day cruise and you don't have to pay for a whole week.
The key is to find an agency which has ships in central booking so they can offer you this
kind of arrangements.

For example Lion Queen Charter is that kind of agency, and agency with long year experience
in organizing cruises on Adriatic coast.They offer a possibility of organizing short cruises with
reduced price of cruising. So if you don't have a whole week for cruising you still can experience
that way of holiday, but in shorter version. Of course, more days you have for sailing in Croatia
the more places you can visit.
But, this still can be unforgettable experience.

As there are really lot of places and island for visiting it is important to choose main places which
are not very distant, so your cruise can be comfortable and not just sailing. But, again, it is the
best option to ask the agency and tell them how many days you have and they will create a perfect
itinerary for your holidays.

So don't hesitate to contact an agency if you have only 2-3 days for cruising and you think
that it is not possible. It is definitely possible!

For individuals there are also guaranteed departures for short cruises which sails whole summer.
As there are lot of inquiries the agency offer that arrangement for whole summer. For groups and families,
depending of the period and available ships there is also a possibility to organize short cruise.

As the booking for season 2018 is going on there is limited number of ships and periods for this
kind of the arrangement, so it is the best for contacting as soon as possible. Short cruises are
also ideal for people who don't have lot of holidays but need a break off. So, you can just use a
weekend and relax for some time and then go back to your work with filled batteries.
The crew, ship, sea, sun and Croatia will take care about that.

There is no arrangement which is impossible to organize, so just send an inquiry.
Use the opportunity to explore this beautiful coast even if you have just few days.
You won't regret that decision.

A few days of sailing in Croatia is better than no cruising at all!


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