16 Jul

A day on the ship

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The smiling faces of your chef, captain and crew fit perfectly in this great morning leading into a great day. Waves are
rocking us gently while we head towards our bay, where we will swim. In the meantime, we are sunbathing, lazily drinking
 a chilled juice (with a paper umbrella in the glass, of course) and listening to stories told by our captain. He tells us
about the dolphins - we do not really believe these stories until, surprisingly, we spot dolphins moments later.

Swimming is exactly what we need. Refreshment with the perfect timing. Is it already lunch-time? The lunch is on the
table. Time goes by incredibly fast. We enjoy flavourful food to the full. We are quite hungry after swimming, and the
chef has prepared an exquisite lunch for us. After lunch we have another swim and then head for a new destination, a
new place, a new island, new attractions.

The bustle of people, men selling fish, women offering souvenirs, street artists, curious tourists, folk songs; it leads us to
a new adventure that we cannot wait to start. Tomorrow is a new day on board.
What awaits us tomorrow? I cannot wait to see.


Kristina Pažanin

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